One &

A set of two ties which, when magnetically snapped together,
allow the wearers to access information encrypted in a QR code.

Conceived as a tongue in cheek, textile reflection of the
'Two-Man Rule' as a response to 2014's Textile Futures
'Between Two People' brief.

In the business and political worlds, it can prove vital
that sensitive information belongs not to an individual but
to a pair or group. So how can we make sure that it can
only be accessed when those pairs or groups are together.

One & Two is a set of ties for two businessmen which,
when brought together, allow the wearers to access a
confidential piece of text.

The secret is stored in a QR code which is split
over the two ties. When these ties are magnetically snapped
together the code becomes scannable by a smartphone
revealing the secret information.