An interactive installation for city centres
allowing citizens to add their photos to the
walls and claim them as their own.

Share Square was born out of a second year
Digital Interaction Design module called
"Prototyping Digital Futures". The brief asked
us to design an experience in Dundee City Square
in the year 2024 with a fictional technology.

Our assigned technology: 'All surfaces are screens'.

After finalising our concept and handing in
deliverables we decided to see if we could take
it a step further. I got in touch with Dundee City Council
and pitched them our idea. They gave us a night where
city centre footfall would reach over 20,000 and offered
us use of their powerful projectors.

After 4 months of reeling our concept back to
something achievable with today's technology we
set up our first live project on the 14th of November 2014.

The colour overlays indicate chosen categories.
Alongside making the images slightly more subtle,
the overlays also create a basic dynamic visualisation
of the crowd's demographic.

In the initial design phase we spent four weeks researching,
two weeks on concept creation and development and two weeks
on lo-fidelity protyping, user testing and refinement.

The project made it to the final stage of the Scottish Institute
of Enterprise's Young Innovators Challenge.