An abstract musical confession box creating fleeting
connections between strangers in transitional spaces.

Transitional spaces are a fundamental component of the public sphere,
yet the adoption of mobile phone technology can be seen to influence
an individual’s behaviour in these communal settings.

It’s suggested that these portable devices are disengaging
individuals from each other, allowing people to pass through
in their own isolated bubbles.

(un)disclosed is an abstract urban musical confession box,
which seeks to investigate how the seemingly disengaging
infrastructure of mobile technology can create fleeting connections
between the reserved public.

Through a 'sonic cryptogram', the product turns texted confessions
and secrets into a musical composition, adding to the city centre
soundscape and facilitating unexpected group interaction through
shared curiosity of the unknown.

The technical bit:

(un)disclosed uses an Arduino Yun scraping a list of
text messages sent to a Twilio phone number cast into the
concrete base.

The Arduino does most of the hard work turning the texts
into musical cryptograms with each letter triggering an
audio file played through a vibration speaker.

(un)disclosed and the rest of the products created as part
of the 'Physical Digital 2014 - Atelier Whisper' module were
exhibited in December 2014 in DJCAD's Matthew Building.